Synthesis feat. Thomas Brewer

by Cloudyspace

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Thomas Brewer absolutely nailed it recording vocals on "Synthesis" and made so the first Cloudyspace song with vocals in it.
Enjoy this track on a whole new level! :D

The lyrics were written and recorded by Thomas Brewer.

Watch a video to this track here:


Inchoate existence of a thought that doesn't know where to begin to bloom.
Seeking a lost truth that may hopefully be exhumed.
Altering the flow of energy to further decipher what it truly means.
Pieces falling together, but can they accede?

Stretching the mind only to be met with acatalepsy.

Looking beyond the veil.
Seeing past what lies only on this foremost plane.
Touching the very fabric of time and space.

The very "laws" of physics are shattered.
The mind now knows no bounds.
Power unfathomable has been found.

Wary of the crimes against nature that must be deemed by one's self.
Becoming the vision of the present and future,
Not looking back on previous trials.
Forging a new path from what was just left and right.
Foreseeing the unthinkable with a newly given sight.

The identity that is claimed is not claimed at all.
One with the flow of the universe the entity has answered the call.

Behold the new vision of consciousness.
A world through different eyes.
A new matter of synthesized sentience.


released November 2, 2014



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